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National Day Towards Healing for Unity and Peace

On March 6, key city center across the country will reverberate the meaning of the “day of healing” through simultaneous rituals at daybreak to signify our quest for a fresh start for the conflict-affected communities. Azan, the first morning prayer among Muslims, will commence the interfaith prayers and at 6:00AM, the church bells will mark […]

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Taking the Third Road: A Day at the “Run for Peace and Solidarity in Mindanao”

I wasn’t able to attend the entire Run for Peace and Solidarity in Mindanao and its grueling 452 kilometers from Zamboanga to Cotabato City. However, I did get a chance to attend the final day of the run from Parang to Notre Dame University. Looking back on the day, it was a little bit surreal, as if in one of those dreams where everything goes better than you had ever thought it would.

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